Jelly Roll’s Wife Bunnie Xo Spills Their Pet Names for Each Other


His government name is Jason Bradley DeFord, but since he was a child, his mother and everyone else have called him Jelly Roll.

So that’s what he goes by in music, too.

“My mother named me that whenever I was a little chubby kid,” the “Save Me” singer explained. It stuck, with some variations: Some just call him Jason, while others shorten to “Jelly.”

The star’s wife, Bunnie Xo, however, has some different names that she calls the country music superstar. She lets fans know in a new TikTok video that she never calls him Jason.

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Bunnie captioned her video: “when ppl ask if we call each other by our government names.” She’s behind the camera in the clip and asks Jelly Roll if he ever calls her by her government name, Alyssa. Jelly looks puzzled and answers right away with a swift, “no.”

“Do I ever call you Jason?” she asks him. Jelly responds with a laugh, then another quick “no,” to which Bunnie responds, “It’s weird, right?”

Jelly Roll confirms that yes, it’s weird, while laughing.

The description of the TikTok video is where the true revelation lies: Bunnie spills the pet names that she and Jelly Roll actually do call one another at home.

“It’s Mama, Mamabear, Papabear, Daddy Roll & J,” she says.

Fans in the comments section seem most shocked that Bunnie’s real name is Alyssa.

“Me realzing bunnies name isn’t bunnie,” one writes, while another adds, “I thought Bunnie was your real name lol..”

This video clears up a burning question that fans of the couple have wondered for a while: Behind closed doors, they are not using government names. They like to keep it light and fun!

Jelly Roll is currently on tour and booked almost all the way through 2024.

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