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Jinjer Debut Video for Blistering New Song ‘Mediator’

Jinjer Debut Video for Blistering New Song ‘Mediator’

Modern prog metal titans Jinjer have just released a music video for the blistering “Mediator,” the second single off their forthcoming album, Wallflowers.

A wildly ambitious, dynamic offering from Jinjer is always to be expected and, even so, the Ukranian quartet consistently manages to keep listeners on edge, never sure of exactly which way the music will break from passage to passage.

On “Mediator,” Jinjer bring the intensity early on with a concussive fury of blast beats and rapid-fire riff repetitions after Tatiana Shmayluk bellows, “Go!” and the music stops flat for a couple second. From there, it’s a labyrinthine journey through hypnotic leads, noodling grooves, atonality and the ever-present avant-garde undertones.

“With years getting older, we often realize that the world around us is far from what we expected it to be,” said Jinjer.

“Through the eyes of a kid everything seemed way more colorful, better and optimistic, didn’t it? When did it all turn wrong? When did it all turn so gray? Is this really the world’s fault? Or it is only about us chasing the wrong goals… the wrong careers, ambitions and achievements, rather than embracing one important truth… Rephrasing John Lennon, if one chases something else other than happiness, then they didn’t understand life at all,” the band added.

Watch the video for “Mediator” at the bottom of the page and look for Wallflowers to drop on Aug. 27 on Napalm Records. Pre-order your copy of the record here.

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Jinjer, “Mediator” Lyrics

Stop! Go! Go on!

My wish would be
To see this sun shining
To hear these birds singing
Children laughing, hearts recovering

My dream has always been
Life has always seemed
To be an amusement park
Rather colourful than dark

I wanted a loser to win
The thin never starving
The full not keeping it down
And needing nothing from now one

I wanted the poor to live in abundance
I wanted the rich to have someone
Except for himself
To love and take care of

I wanted a loser to win
The thin never starving
The full not keeping it down
And needing nothing from now on
Firеs burning all around us
And all we feel is cold

I want a neighbour not a hater
And a hеad to go round
From white white snow
But what to do now?

Wish I could catch god by the beard
And drag him to the dirty streets
To show him what was going on
The kind of curse we’ve waged upon

We’re half way through to freedom
The path is treacherous
The best way to make a kettle boil
Is to turn your back on this

You’ve stranded me with no decree
No lessons given, only learned
Cold blood is coursing through my veins
Cause ice will never burn

What is happiness?
What is inner peace?
What do we have to do
To get a piece of you?

Jinjer, “Mediator” Music Video

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