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Jonathan Davis Reveals Which Korn Song Is ‘The Worst Song Ever’

Jonathan Davis Reveals Which Korn Song Is ‘The Worst Song Ever’

Jonathan Davis has been rather candid lately when assessing various points of his career — the good, the bad, and, in a recent interview with Metal Hammer, which Korn track is "the worst song ever."

The long-running magazine didn't just flat out ask the singer about what Korn song sucks, but instead positioned their question around what song he wishes the group had never recorded in the first place. With 14 albums out, the latest being this year's Requiem, there was bound to be one or two that Davis was not a fan of and he singled out a cut off 1998's Follow the Leader, which also featured Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst.

"'All In The Family' is the worst song ever. It’s horrible," Davis said of the first official single that came out in advance of the record's release.

"We were all drunk in the studio and I was trying to rap. At the time, we were having a good time, but now I just cringe," he continued and clarified, "I’ve got nothing against Fred, it just sucks! We were out of our minds drunk! It shouldn’t have made the record."

The track features a number of homophobic slurs and, despite being the lead single off Follow the Leader, "All in the Family" has mostly been shunned live. According to, Korn have performed songs off that album more than 3,600 times and, of those times, "All in the Family" has only been played 26 times and has never made it into the set since 1998.

Earlier this year, Davis spoke about another low point, in his estimation, which was the Korn III: Remember Who You Are album. While the frontman admitted he does "like the record," he said it wasn't a fun one to make and that Korn "failed miserably" in their attempt to recapture a particular sound and style.

Even though the group just dropped a new album, their 14th full length, they've already got their sights set on another record. "It's nice being in a band with guys you get along with and you love. I get excited to write with the guys and a lot of people in bands that have been in bands as long as us, they hate each other – they can't even be in the same fucking room," Davis told Music Feeds about the excitement of writing new material.

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