Jonathan Davis Reveals Which Korn Song New Listeners Should Check Out First

"Have you heard Korn?" That may seem like an odd question when you consider the band has just released their 14th studio album, providing one of the most prolific careers of any group since the '90s, but there actually could be those still discovering the band for the first time. With that in mind, Revolver recently asked Jonathan Davis which song amongst the band's extensive catalog he would recommend as a starting point for first-time listeners.

“There’s so many different eras. I don’t know. Definitely I would tell them to listen to the first record. You got the first Korn record, and then you got maybe Follow the Leader — that’s when we were starting to do some different [things]," the Korn singer offered, continuing to ruminate on his answer.

He continued, "There’s so many different variations of this band. [Laughs] And then See You on the Other Side, when we were going proggy and weird, working with the Matrix and shit. And then we got The Path of Totality, which is working with the DJs, and then The Nothing and then this new shit now."

So what did Davis ultimately choose? "It’s hard. One song? Probably ‘Freak on a Leash.' That’s the one everyone wants to hear anyway,” laughed the singer.

"Freak on a Leash" did feature on the band's 1998 album, Follow the Leader. The song hit No. 6 for Alternative Airplay and No. 10 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart. But a huge part of the success came with the Todd McFarlane-directed video which won two MTV Video Music Awards as well as a Grammy for Best Short Form Music Video. The clip was eventually retired by MTV's Total Request Live, becoming the ninth video in the history of the show to run its course due to its immense popularity. It also stands as their most streamed song on Spotify.

Korn, "Freak on a Leash"

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