Kat Von D’s Home Hit by Intruder Who Says He Wanted to Use Her Bathroom

Kat Von D had to call the police on a home intruder who snuck into her Los Angeles house while she and her young son were sleeping.

According to TMZ, the tattoo artist woke up Saturday (Feb. 5) evening and noticed a beam of light moving around inside the house. She managed to get her son to safety before calling police to the scene.

Police officers reportedly executed a search of the property and discovered an intruder on an upper level. The man reportedly told emergency responders that he was buying the home and needed to use its restroom.

He was booked for residential burglary and taken into custody. TMZ noted that it was not immediately clear if the intruder knew he was in the celebrity's home.

It is assumed that he got onto the property by jumping a fence. However, there were no signs of forced entry that explained how he got into the house.

Von D did recently list her 12,500 square foot property for $15 million.

The 126-year-old Victorian has a storied history and was once featured in Cheaper By The Dozen.

Von D owned the home for six years. It has been tricked out with luxe finishes and is said to have 13 bedrooms, 9.5 bathrooms, seven fireplaces and one blood-red swimming pool.

While the home definitely appears to fit her aesthetic, Von D announced plans to move to Indiana last year. She has already purchased another historic home in the state, which is said to be haunted.

The tattoo artist announced plans to close her infamous tattoo shop — High Voltage Tattoo — and said that Indiana felt more like home than Los Angeles.

"After much thought, we have decided we will permanently be moving to Indiana at the end of this year," Von D explained on Instagram. "We plan on selling our beautiful home here, and I will most likely open a private studio in Indiana once we are done with the house remodel there."

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