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KISS Biopic to Focus on Band’s First Four Years

KISS Biopic to Focus on Band’s First Four Years

When you have a history as rich and event filled as KISS have enjoyed, it could be kind of hard to narrow down what would go in an eventual biopic. But with the project now in the works, the group's longtime manager Doc McGhee has offered fans some idea of what might be included.

Speaking with the Talking Metal Podcast (as heard below and transcribed by Blabbermouth), McGhee revealed that the film will focus on the group's first four years. During the discussion, McGhee stated, "We have a script that's completely done," before explaining that the film was a collaborative effort between producer Mark Canton, Universal Music, the band and director Joachim Joachim Rønning. Ole Sanders was the person who completed the script for the movie.

He then added, "The script is about the first four years of KISS. Basically, it's before they were famous — it was up to Cadillac High, that kind of thing. And I think it's a very interesting look at the formation of KISS, the mindset of how that came about, the social pressure that everybody was in in the '60s and '70s that brought something like KISS to the forefront, that it could actually happen. So it's a very interesting, and I think it's a well-written movie. And our partners right now is Netflix. It'll be a theatrical release, then Netflix."

McGhee added that casting hasn't started yet on the movie and that there are still some distribution deals being ironed out.

KISS were quite prolific over their first four years, issuing their self-titled debut and Hotter Than Hell albums in 1974 and Dressed to Kill and their first concert album, KISS' Alive!, in 1975.

KISS Manager Doc McGhee on the Talking Metal Podcast

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