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KISS’ Classic ‘Destroyer’ Album Celebrated With New Funko Pop! Figure Set

KISS’ Classic ‘Destroyer’ Album Celebrated With New Funko Pop! Figure Set

KISS get the Funko Pop! Albums treatment with a set of four vinyl figures representing the rock band's classic 1970s lineup, all encased with a prop record that doesn't actually play but would certainly look nice among any rock lover's collection.

It's also a Walmart exclusive, just like the Funko Pop! album set celebrating Metallica's "Black Album" that Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett recently unboxed.

See the KISS Funkos near the bottom of this post.

For Black Friday (Nov. 26), KISS join AC/DC and Guns N' Roses in a new wave of Funko Pop! Album exclusives coming to Walmart, as Rolling Stone reported.

Classic KISS — the Demon (Gene Simmons), the Starchild (Paul Stanley), the Spaceman (Ace Frehley) and the Catman (Peter Criss) — comprise the set that features each member as a Pop! figure, together with the album art in a hard case that can be displayed.

KISS just wrapped the 2021 U.S. leg of their End of the Road tour. Concerts were affected when Simmons and Stanley tested positive for COVID-19. Stanley recently explained why KISS won't make a new album, and Simmons said he makes Olympic-level money.

Get your KISS Funko on for $39.99 at

Funko is celebrating hard rock music and the 45th Anniversary of the realease of 'Destroyer' with an exclusive Deluxe Pop! Album! Never forget the iconic album by collecting this Deluxe Pop! Album 'Destroyer' which features each of the KISS band members as Pop! figures and the album cover art packaged together in a protective hardcase that can be hung on a wall. Pop! The Demon, Pop! The Starchild, Pop! The Spaceman, and Pop! The Catman are ready to rock in your music collection. Vinyl figures are approximately 4-inches tall. Approximate dimensions of the protective case: 23.5" W x 12.25" H x 3.75" D. Please note: Pop! Deluxe Album does not include a playable vinyl record.

Funko Pop! Deluxe Album for KISS Destroyer (Walmart Exclusive)


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