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Korn’s Munky to Collaborate With Fashion Designer, Musician Michèle Lamy

Korn’s Munky to Collaborate With Fashion Designer, Musician Michèle Lamy

Korn guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer recently revealed plans to collaborate on a new musical venture with Michèle Lamy, a fashion designer and musician.

In an interview with Dazed, Shaffer and Lamy (a member of LAVASCAR) recently spoke about how they met and their upcoming plans to record music together.

The two met where every good story begins — the parking lot of the Beverly Hills Hotel. Shaffer was "genuinely starstruck" by Lamy. At a loss for words, the only thing he could think to say to her was "LAVASCAR!"

Their meeting was written in the stars — that, or manifested by Shaffer's wife. While listening to LAVASCAR together, his wife said, "I can see you and her performing something… I'm just gonna put it out in the universe."

"My thought was that we should do something together because I felt this instant synergy and this frequency," Shaffer says. ”These frequencies, they gather and when sound frequencies are pitched at certain different pitches, they form these patterns. Unique patterns that are very seamless. And I feel like that’s kind of what happened with us. Our frequencies kind of align. They’re going to form something, something creative and unique and in the form of music."

Lamy replied, "Yes, and in my mind, I had the idea that this could be electronic. And it will be organic. When I listen to what you’ve done already, I can hear it’s not one thing. It’s everything. It’s very melodic, and very sexy. It’s something that you can listen to anywhere."

There's no word on when the new project will debut yet, but if the respect these musicians display for each other is any indication, their creative influences intertwined is going to be big.

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