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Krokus Lead Singer Doesn’t Regret Declining Audition for AC/DC

Krokus Lead Singer Doesn’t Regret Declining Audition for AC/DC

Krokus lead singer Marc Storace says he doesn't regret turning down an audition to become a part of AC/DC. He was offered a chance to audition in 1980, after leader singer Bon Scott passed away and the band was looking for a replacement.

Krokus was formed in 1974 while Storace joined the band in 1980. After AC/DC's lead singer, Bon Scott, died due to alcohol poisoning in 1980 the band was looking for his replacement, and Storace was offered an audition.

When Storace was asked about the audition in an interview with Linea Rock and if he ever wonders what could have been, he responded by saying "That's a hypothetical question. It's all open to fantasy and dreams, but reality can take a different direction. And at that moment, I thought, 'Well, I'm sitting on my high horse enjoying success with Krokus.' And my debut album Metal Rendez-Vous, went like a rocket. We did Hardware and we had, actually, a brand new light show, which arrived from Birmingham." Birmingham was where Led Zeppelin and AC/DC were doing their production staff, according to Storace.

"The CEO of the company drove to show us a new light show computer and took me to side and asked, 'Would you like to audition for AC/DC?,'" he recalled. The Krokus lead singer responded, "Steve, I'm so happy here. Things are happening, and we're gonna go places. And these are my new mates."

Storace felt loyal to Krokus and is "thankful for what I've achieved with these guys." He's thankful for how far he's come from only dreaming about a life like this to making it become a reality.

It seems Storace is happy with all of the decisions he's made and concludes, "The thing about AC/DC is it's not realistic to think that way, when you think why I have decided that way. And I wouldn't change a minute. I'm happy. I have a loving wife. I have two beautiful children. They're intelligent. They're doing their own thing, I have my own house. I'm an ambassador for Peugot. It's great to be alive. And that's why I'm doing my solo album. And I don't want to stop."

Why Marc Storace Doesn't Regret Declining Auditioning for AC/DC

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