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Limp Bizkit Debuted New Song ‘Dad Vibes’ at Lollapalooza

Limp Bizkit Debuted New Song ‘Dad Vibes’ at Lollapalooza

Limp Bizkit's set at this year's Lollapalooza festival was buzzworthy and beyond, not just because of frontman Fred Durst's eye-catching new look, but also due to the fact that the nu-metal giants ended their set by playing a new song, "Dad Vibes," over the PA system.

"This song right here, it's for you and only you," Durst told the festival crowd and the at-home audience watching the festival's livestream. "It's a song off our new album called 'Dad Vibes.' I want to see everybody out there dancing right now. Let me see how you do it," he said from the stage before throwing white T-shirts out to the crowd.

The singer and members of Limp Bizkit's crew then go to the ground level and walked up the walled isle separating the left and right sides of the crowd, handing out more shirts to fans with outstretched arms while "Dad Vibes" blared throughout Grant Park in Chicago.

As he was making his exit, Durst encountered electronic musician and YouTube star Mark Ribellet, which was captured in a photo that the singer later shared on Instagram. Durst's Instagram used to be flooded with images of station wagons, but he has since wiped it clean since unveiling his new look that is entirely befitting of the "Dad Vibes" song title.

Hear "Dad Vibes" in the video toward the bottom of the page.

The track hopefully indicates that the long-awaited followup album to 2011's Gold Cobra may finally be released. Guitarist Wes Borland recently indicated that Bizkit have somewhere around 35 songs recorded instrumentally, but Durst has been the holdup, having recorded and discarded vocals for many of the songs.

Borland did suggest, however, that he thinks Durst will soon pick a certain amount of the songs to finish once and for all, meaning a new record could finally be coming. He also doubted that the album's long rumored title, Stampede of the Disco Elephants, would stand.

Limp Bizkit, "Dad Vibes"

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