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Listen to All of Dave Grohl’s New Metal Album ‘Dream Widow’

Listen to All of Dave Grohl’s New Metal Album ‘Dream Widow’

For the first time in almost 20 years, Dave Grohl has released a metal album. Back in 2004, it was with an all-star guest list of contributors on the one-off self-titled album from Probot and, today, it's an eponymous record from Dream Widow which serves as the companion to Foo Fighters' new horror-comedy flick, Studio 666.

In an interview with Variety, Grohl explained how the record by the fictional Dream Widow band came about. "When we started writing the script, we had the idea of there being this epic metal opus that — once completed — would release the demon in the house," began Grohl.

"I said, 'Oh, fuck, I’ve got a million riffs.' So I recorded this 13 or 14-minute long instrumental just by myself that’s very metal, and it’s meant to be from the band Dream Widow. Then, I furthered that idea by making a whole record by Dream Widow that would be their lost album that they recorded before they were murdered. Horror films and metal kind of go hand in hand," he added.

The third track off the album, "March of the Insane," served as the initial teaser and walloped fans over the head with an all-out blackened thrash assault.

The rest of the record doesn't take on this style in totality, but rather spreads out a diverse range of metallic sounds. Opening track "Encino" is among the most extreme, more so than "March of the Insane," and it sets the tone that this is going to be a thrill ride. Other tracks are a bit sludgy with beefy riffs and thick guitar tones as Grohl seesaws between scratchy, throat-shredding screams, barks and shrieks and a deeper bellow, more reminiscent of doom overlords Paradise Lost or even Type O Negative a bit.

The final two songs — "Becoming" and "Lacrimus dei Ebrius" — are both quite long, clocking in at over seven minutes for the former and more than 10 minutes on the latter.

Listen to the album in full below, either through the official YouTube playlist on Foo Fighters' channel or on Spotify. Find out how you can stream the Studio 666 movie here.

Dream Widow, Dream Widow Full Album Stream — Official YouTube Playlist

Dream Widow, Dream Widow — Full Album Spotify Stream

Dream Widow, Dream Widow Album Art + Track Listing

Dream Widow, ‘Dream Widow’
Roswell Records / RCA Records

01. "Encino"
02. "Cold"
03. "March of the Insane"
04. ""The Sweet Abyss"
05. "Angel With Severed Wings"
06. "Come All Ye Unfaithful"
07. "Becoming"
08. "Lacrimus dei Ebrius"

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