Live Nation Addresses Safety Concerns Over When We Were Young Festival

In just a few short days, When We Were Young has become one of the most buzz-worthy events of 2022. Set to be headlined by My Chemical Romance and Paramore, the festival has sparked some safety concerns since it was announced earlier this week, so Live Nation has released a statement addressing what potential attendees have been saying.

Upon realizing that When We Were Young is being organized by Live Nation, fans have been expressing their worries on the internet, particularly the fact that Live Nation also organized the catastrophic Astroworld Festival that occurred in Houston this past November. The entertainment company is currently under investigation and facing several lawsuits as a result of the tragedies that occurred during the Texas event.

"When We Were Young Fest looked pretty cool until you notice it's $225 nonrefundable for one day and it's run by the same company who was responsible for Astroworld and you realize they're actually just preying on the pop punk scene to pay back their litigation fees," one user wrote on Twitter.

"The entirety of emo America or even possibly emo overseas fighting to get to the front of an MCR/Paramore show is Astroworld pt. 2 waiting to happen," read a screenshot of another post that has circulated.

See some of the tweets below.

"The safety of fans, artists and staff is thoroughly planned for among event organizers and in coordination with local authorities,” Live Nation wrote in a statement in response [via Chron]. "We have seen a lot of excitement around this festival and we look forward to putting on an incredible event for all of the fans this October. We encourage fans to check the festival website and socials for all of the latest updates.”

“Set times will vary with earlier bands having shorter sets and the headliners having the longest,” the company continued. “For many festivals it is typical for earlier acts to have 20-30 minutes, while headliners often perform longer, closer to 45 to 60 minutes or more."

When We Were Young is set to take place Oct. 22 at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds in Las Vegas, Nev. Bring Me the Horizon, Avril Lavigne, Taking Back Sunday, A Day to Remember, AFI and Jimmy Eat World are just a few among the many artists scheduled to perform at the event.

The pre-sale for tickets begins tomorrow (Jan. 21) at 1PM ET — get more details here.

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