Loathe’s Gnashing Experimentalism Reaches New High on ‘Dimorphous Display’

Loathe, the experimental metalcore band from the U.K. who nabbed Loudwire's 'Best Metal Album of the Year' honor in 2020, are back from the ambient detour they took last year with the new song "Dimorphous Display."

The track is a natural extension of the vast soundscapes, jaw-cracking heaviness and avant-garde enthusiasm we've heard from Loathe ever since they dropped their 2017 debut album The Cold Sun. However, "Dimorphous Display" sort of flips the script and uses its most aggressive passages as the difference-maker while remaining reliant on a fuzzed out, jagged bass groove and dreamstate moments.

"'Dimorphous Display,' in its first iteration, had been in the vault for a good few years before we decided to start work on the song together as a band, so finally being able to release it into the world feels like a great accomplishment," began Loathe.

"The initial demo was filed soon after we had finished up with I Let It In and It Took Everything but with lockdowns occurring across the world, this gave us the opportunity to experiment with different collaborators and thus final tracking was completed some time in the middle of 2021 at Giant Wafer Studios. We worked alongside our new friend Eddie Al-Shakarchi on capturing the rawest incarnation of the Loathe sound to date and we are very happy with the result."

Take a listen below.

Loathe are continuing work on their new album, which will be the followup to last year's ambient record, The Things They Believe. Catch them on a North American tour alongside Code Orange, Vended and Dying Wish at these dates.

Loathe, "Dimorphous Display"

Case closed
A slow burn
I won’t admit it’s over
Faded black
Real blur
I won’t admit it’s over

A day’s a night away

The path you seek
It’s what we want
Empowers me
Our mouths to feed
Blinded by greed
I know this isn’t how its supposed to be

I have wasted all my time on you
Something's gotta change now
Something's gotta change now

The secret fades away
I will plead
The rain has come
A tyrant runs it’s course
Spirits wild and free

I have wasted all my time on you
Something's gotta change now
Something's gotta change now

Take every moment
It’s fine by me
Take the whole world apart
It’s all I need
Take every moment (Take it all)
It’s fine by me (Fine by me)
Take the whole world apart (Take it all)
It’s all I need (Fine by me)

Loathe, "Dimorphous Display"

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