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Machine Gun Kelly Rocks the Bald Look, Revealing Seeming Scalp Tattoo

Machine Gun Kelly Rocks the Bald Look, Revealing Seeming Scalp Tattoo

Machine Gun Kelly had been donning his blond locks in a longer hairstyle of late, but that's seemingly all changed now — the musician's head looks completely bald, as evidenced in a photo he shared this week, also revealing what appears to be a scalp tattoo.

The image apparently was captured during a video call between MGK and music video director Cole Bennett. Sharing it online on Tuesday (Aug. 10), the rapper-turned-rocker —who's, ahem, still called the "Blond Don" in his Twitter bio — said, "I shaved my head for this." He then tagged the director and added, "'Papercuts' tomorrow 9PM." The message was appended with an emoji of a clapperboard, as is used in filmmaking.

See the pic down toward the bottom of this page. Some fans are speculating that the musician is actually wearing a bald cap, presumably for the video, and hasn't actually buzzed all of his hair off.

Regardless, Kelly's posts suggests that "Papercuts," the first single from Machine Gun Kelly's upcoming Born With Horns album, will debut its music video on Thursday (Aug. 12), the same day the song itself arrives. The 9PM premiere slot is, in all probability, based in the Pacific Time Zone of Kelly's Los Angeles home base. Will that be when MGK fans can get a better look at the artist's hairless head and assumed new scalp ink?

Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker, previously teased audio from "Papercuts" on social media last week (Aug. 7), promoting the same drop time for the video. Lyrics heard in the excerpt are: "Signed a deal / I got papercuts / They wanted them / But they got us."

Born with Horns, Kelly's second album collaboration with blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, was announced on Monday (Aug. 9). At that time, Both Kelly and Barker showed off matching tattoos they got of the album's title that run across the backside of each of their left forearms. Of course, Kelly has other head ink, too — for his last hip-hop album, 2019's Hotel Diablo, he had the title tattooed elsewhere on his skull.

Kelly is currently dating actress Megan Fox. Last month, she shared in an interview how she psychologically "went to hell" during a drug experience with him.

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