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Machine Gun Kelly Smashes Glass Over His Face at Stadium Show – ‘I’m Rich, B–ch’

Machine Gun Kelly Smashes Glass Over His Face at Stadium Show – ‘I’m Rich, B–ch’

Machine Gun Kelly is starting to make smashing glass over his face a habit. After bloodying his visage with a champagne glass earlier this year, he broke a wine glass against his head onstage at a headlining concert at FirstEnergy Stadium, the home of the NFL's Cleveland Browns. He then declared, "I'm rich, bitch," as he willingly defied a curfew and readily accepted a corresponding fine for doing so.

"They’re in my ears right now and they’re saying that if we don’t stop the concert right now, we’re gonna get fined $70,000 for every 10 minutes that we continue," MGK told the crowd before launching into the Mainstream Sellout hit "Make Up Sex" (as reported by Louder).

As seen in the fan-filmed video toward the bottom of the page, the rapper-turned-pop-punk musician took some time to down the red wine that remained in the glass and declared, “You know what I say to that? We aren’t stopping this concert for shit. I’m rich, bitch!"

The wine glass easily shattered, leaving MGK with small streaks of blood trickling down his face while finishing out the 34-song set with "Make Up Sex," "My Ex's Best Friend" and "Twin Flame."

It was quite the day for Machine Gun Kelly, who closed out his headlining tour at the Cleveland stadium. Earlier that day, Mayor Justin Bibb declared Aug. 13 "Machine Gun Kelly Day" at a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame event which honored the 32-year-old musician.

Machine Gun Kelly Smashes Wine Glass Over His Face at Cleveland Show

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