Måneskin Perform ‘Beggin” and ‘I Wanna Be Your Slave’ on SNL

Måneskin made their Saturday Night Live debut last night (Jan. 22). The band performed two tracks, their already iconic cover of "Beggin'" and their original "I Wanna Be Your Slave." You can watch their performance below.

The Italian rock group was introduced by special guest Will Forte. They delivered an energetic performance of their cover of the The Four Seasons' 1967 song, which gained a lot of notoriety on TikTok, being used in over 10 million videos on the app. They then delivered a groove-led version of their 2021 single.

Måneskin, "Beggin'" on SNL

Måneskin, "I Wanna Be Your Slave" on SNL

Måneskin — pronounced like moan-eh-skin, the Danish word means "moonlight" — told Loudwire that they don't care if listeners don't think the band is "rock enough."

"In Italy, there's really not a rock scene," bassist Victoria De Angelis describes. "No other rock or anything like that is mainstream at all. So at first, everyone there was saying we weren't going to be successful. But now that everything is going so well and people are following us all around the world, no one is trying to change us. With record labels and in other countries, everyone is understanding of who we are and they're allowing us to be ourselves. And that is the most valuable thing for us."

In other Måneskin news, the Eurovision winners are set to kick off their 16-date Loud Kids tour next month in London. You can check out more details on their website here.

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