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Mark Tremonti Writing for Next Alter Bridge Album, Reveals 2022 Timeline

Mark Tremonti Writing for Next Alter Bridge Album, Reveals 2022 Timeline

While Mark Tremonti has a new album and tour on the horizon with his solo band, he's never one to waste available time. So while the anticipation for the Marching in Time album release next month builds, he's been focusing on one of his other bands, Alter Bridge.

Speaking with Sonic Perspectives, Tremonti confirmed, "I’m actively writing the new Alter Bridge record. Now that my solo record is done and we are going to tour on it, I can focus on the songs for Alter Bridge."

Further elaborating on the Alter Bridge plan, the guitarist commented, "I’m just getting started and on my first page of ideas. I think in January, Myles [Kennedy] and I will get together to put our heads together to discuss what we have written at that point with the hope of going into the studio in 2022. After that, I’ll go back on tour with Tremonti, and he will go out with one of his bands and prepare for a winter 2022 tour with Alter Bridge."

Alter Bridge last hit with 2019's Walk the Sky album and a Walk the Sky 2.0 EP that followed in 2020. This year has seen Myles Kennedy return his focus to his solo career, with his second solo set The Ides of March. Meanwhile, Tremonti is ramping up to the release date for his fifth solo record, Marching in Time.

So far, Tremonti's band have released the single "If Not for You" as well as the album's title track. The Marching in Time album is due Sept. 24 via Napalm Records and you can pre-order the set here. Meanwhile, Tremonti will hit the road next month with Sevendust. More info on that trek can be found here.

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