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Meet Bassist Who Looks Eerily Similar to Metallica’s Cliff Burton

Meet Bassist Who Looks Eerily Similar to Metallica’s Cliff Burton

The idea of a doppelgänger may seem kind of crazy, but it's definitely possible to come across someone who looks exactly like you. Jake Kiernan is a bassist living in Colorado, and he looks eerily similar to late Metallica bassist Cliff Burton.

Upon visiting Kiernan's Instagram profile, you already know that he's aware of the resemblance. The 19-year-old musician has "Not Cliff" written in parentheses right in his bio. Digging a little further into his posts reveals the endless comments stating how much he looks like Burton, and requests to cover a Metallica song.

Hey, he is a bassist!

Much of Kiernan's profile consists of videos of himself playing the bass — which are pretty impressive — and several illustrations of him that were drawn by other people.

One of his more recent posts is a humorous video with pop-ups of all the comments about him looking like Burton, captioned "I know." See the video below and decide for yourself whether he is the late Metallica bassist's doppelgänger. Additionally, you can follow along with Kiernan on Spotify here.

Burton replaced original Metallica bassist Ron McGovney in 1983, and remained with the band until his untimely death three years later.

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