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Metallica Share Rough Mix of ‘The Unforgiven’ Off Upcoming ‘Black Album’ Reissue

Metallica Share Rough Mix of ‘The Unforgiven’ Off Upcoming ‘Black Album’ Reissue

In the lead-up to the 30th anniversary reissue of Metallica’s historic, self-titled 1991 album (aka ‘The Black Album’), the metal legends are continuing to preview a bevy of additional items, the latest being a rough mix of the classic track “The Unforgiven.”

The ‘Black Album’ was officially released on Aug. 12, 1991 and this rough mix is taken from May 14 of that year. This previously unreleased version of the song is part of the “Rough & Alternate Mixes” two-CD set that comes with the album reissue.

There’s not a whole lot that separates this version from the final version that appeared on the Bob Rock-produced record at One on One Recording in Los Angeles, California, but audiophiles are sure to notice a few differences.

Listen to the rough mix of “The Unforgiven” below.

This latest release follows other reissue teasers from Metallica, including a demo version of “Enter Sandman” that was recorded in Lars Ulrich’s basement, an alternate studio version of “Sad But True” and a 1990 rehearsal recording of “Holier Than Thou.”

On Sept. 10, Metallica will release both the ‘Black Album’ 30th anniversary reissue as well as The Metallica Blacklist, a covers compilation of just ‘Black Album’ tracks from more than 50 artists, many of them far removed from the realm of heavy music, proving just how influential the record has been over the last three decades.

A black and white photo book recollecting this era of the band will follow in October.

Metallica, “The Unforgiven” Rough Mix — May 14, 1991

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