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Motley Crue Fan Injured After Falling From Upper Level of Indianapolis Stadium

Motley Crue Fan Injured After Falling From Upper Level of Indianapolis Stadium

A man was injured last night (Aug. 16) after falling from the upper level of Indianapolis' Lucas Oil Stadium, where Motley Crue were performing as part of their Stadium Tour with Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett. His condition is unknown at this time, but reports from the evening stated he was in stable condition when he was taken to the hospital.

A report by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department states that the man was intoxicated when "stumbled over the railing at Lucas Oil Stadium and was transported to Eskenazi Hospital in stable condition" around 10PM [via Indy Star]. Further reports add that he was "awake and breathing" when the law enforcement officers got to him. The band was about 30 minutes into their set when the incident occurred.

Lucas Oil Stadium have since been notified of the occurrence, and Monica Whitfield Brase, a spokeswoman on behalf of the venue, released a statement surrounding the event.

"The person was assessed by on-site paramedics and transported by ambulance to an area hospital," she wrote. "Although we do not know the extent of the person’s injuries, the individual appeared to be communicating with paramedics on site prior to leaving the stadium. At this time we do not believe other guests or employees in the stadium were involved in the incident."

Various other concert attendees witnessed the man fall.

"We seen a figure, at first we didn't think it was a person, we thought it, you know, they had been tossing volleyballs and different stuff around the crowd. But when you heard the thud twice, then we knew it was a person," Steven Neeley recalled to WTHR-TV after the show. "You could hear the audible gasps over the music playing."

"Everybody was just kind of standing around and looking, trying to figure out what to do, who to talk to, who to get to come over to the landing and check the person out. We didn't know if they were breathing or not breathing, or what was going on," Kristen Neeley added.

It is currently unknown whether Motley Crue have been made aware of the incident. Apparently, the section they'd been sitting in cleared out rather quickly after the fall took place. See a couple of interview clips below.

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