Motorhead Road Crew Members Get Fresh Tattoos With Lemmy’s Ashes

As has been reported over the years, a number of Lemmy's close personal friends received bullet casings filled with his ashes after his death. In a new video, Motorhead's longtime tour manager Eddie Rocha and production assistant Emma Cederblad recently got fresh Motorhead tattoos honoring Lemmy that appear to have his ashes blended in with the tattoo ink.

As stated in the video posted on Motorhead's socials, "Motorhead means family for life." The two road crew members then sat for tattoo artist Stina Nyman at receiving their Motorhead-themed pieces. Rocha received a tattoo of Lemmy's visage upon his leg, while Cederblad had a "spade" tattoo done upon her leg. Watch the process take place below.

The video comes during a period in which the celebration of Lemmy's birthday recently took place, while the sixth anniversary of his death is happening today (Dec. 28). The musician died at the age of 70 shortly after being diagnosed with cancer.

In recent celebration of Lemmy's birthday, a second volume in "The Lost Tapes" series was issued. The previously unreleased concert from Norwich was recorded during Motorhead's Snake Bite Love tour in 1998. You can check out the concert recording in full via the platform of your choosing at this location.

This year also saw the reveal of an authorized Motorhead graphic novel and a Lemmy Kilmister Funko! Pop figure.

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