Muse Tease Snippet of New ‘Metal’ Song

Have Muse gone metal? While taking part in a recent Instagram Live session, Muse vocalist Matt Bellamy shared a bit of new music while driving in his car that certainly had his son headbanging in the passenger seat.

Muse fans shouldn't freak out as it's not a total divergence from their sound. Bellamy's soaring vocals and the atmospheric synths that have defined the group's sound over the years are still present, but there's a bass-heavy breakdown and a brutal rough vocal that would make Korn proud. Bellamy can also be heard giving a laugh just prior to the song's metal moment, turning the camera to watch his son's reaction.

While an official title has not been revealed, Muse's fans started referring to the song as "Won't Stand Down," one of the lyrics that stands out during the song. Bellamy took part in the Instagram Live session over the Christmas weekend, sharing a taste of the new song for fans that were tuned in. Luckily one fan tweeted the footage, captioning his post, "Guys, we getting metal Muse."

Bellamy has used the pandemic downtime to not only release a solo record, but also start work on the next Muse album. In October 2020 with the Sun, he explained that his writing sessions kicked off just as the Black Lives Matter protests in the aftermath of George Floyd's death were taking place in America.

“I started writing when all the protests and all the chaos were kicking off," revealed Bellamy. "It’s a weird thing to say but it suits the music I write. It keeps you a little bit on edge.”

While writing is underway, no further details concerning a release date, track listing or album art have been revealed. Stay tuned.

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