Music Teacher Uses Slipknot to Teach Kids About Meter

A music teacher, Risha Allen, recently used Slipknot as an example to show her elementary school students all music uses meter. You can watch the full TikTok video below.

She explains in the clip that one student was aggravated by the previous example of  Eminem, saying he listens to metal, not rap. When Allen asks what artists he listens to, he replied with Slipknot (the kid's got taste).

"I'm a little nervous here [because] I want to relate to him," Allen writes. "He hadn't really engaged with me or liked music class up until this point, so I felt like relating to and respecting his music (very personal) would help me connect with him."

The student then offers the song "Wait and Bleed." She uses a drum to set the beat as she sings along. She writes, "My internal dialog: This metal kiddo is getting major validation right now, the rest of the kids are getting a lesson in pre-judgement, and everyone is getting more meter practice. Big win!"

Allen then asks, "What meter is that in?" And the students excitedly reply with "Four!" Thus, she proved that every musician uses meter, even those in Slipknot. "Mission accomplished," Allen writes. "This kiddo loves me and learning music now. Music builds relationships."

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