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Musician in Creepy Bunny Costume Mysteriously Joins Weezer on ‘Kimmel’

Musician in Creepy Bunny Costume Mysteriously Joins Weezer on ‘Kimmel’

When Weezer performed their song "A Little Bit of Love" on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday (March 21), an unidentified mandolin player in a bunny costume joined the band onstage.

But it wasn't your garden variety Easter Bunny. In a video of the late-night TV performance, the cotton-tailed musician gives off a pretty creepy vibe — or a stoic one, per Consequence — as they stand still and stare at the camera while playing. Meanwhile, Weezer ran through "A Little Bit of Love," the cheery first single from their new SZNZ: Spring EP, without acknowledging the mysterious player's presence.

Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

The bunny couldn't have been any of Weezer's four members — bandleader Rivers Cuomo, drummer Patrick Wilson, guitarist Brian Bell or bassist Scott Shriner — as they were all onstage without costume (except for Cuomo in a pointy-eared, Tolkien-like getup). But the group has toured with additional musicians in the past, including drummer Josh Freese, keyboardist Bobby Schneck and guitarist Daniel Brummel.

Last month, Weezer celebrated 30 years together. The Los Angeles alt-rockers will hit the road this year, playing Firefly Fest, Boston Calling, BeachLife and others. They released two albums in 2021, Van Weezer and OK Human. SZNZ: Spring, the first of four new Weezer EPs, arrived on March 20.

Earlier this month, Cuomo unveiled Weezle, an online word game based on Wordle. Before that, he rolled out Weezify, a Weezer-only streaming service he developed himself.

Weezer, "A Little Bit of Love" (Live on Jimmy Kimmel Live!)

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