Napalm Death Releasing Most Adorable Metal T-Shirt Ever

Rainbows and bunny rabbits may not be exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Napalm Death, but dammit, that may very well be about to change. That's because the brutal metal mavens are releasing a piece of metal merch you probably never saw coming.

In a Facebook posting, the band reveals several new T-shirt designs, and nothing seems too much out of the ordinary until you come to the bright pink Napalm Death shirt that features a rainbow, white fluffy clouds and an adorable blue bunny all against the backdrop of Napalm Death's very metal looking logo.

That's right! Amongst a grouping of shirts that includes a "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" shirt, one of a grim reaper holding a skeleton in his arms and several other gore-riffic looking T-shirt designs, you'll find perhaps the tamest (and because of its significant contrast to their persona, perhaps the most deviously sinister) Napalm Death shirt you've ever seen.

Napalm Death Merchandising
Napalm Death Merchandising

According to the band's merch site, this pink artistic masterpiece is 100 percent pre-shrunk, ring-sprung cotton and is washable at 30°C. It's is a mainstream contemporary fit and comes in sizing ranging from small to XXL and is finished with waterbased printing colors. The merch company is based out of the United Kingdom and you can order the shirt (seen below) at this location.

Napalm Death most recently released the mini-album Resentment Is Always Seismic earlier this month. You can pick it up at this location. And look for the band on tour in the U.K. in March before heading stateside in April. All dates and ticketing info can be found at the Napalm Death website.

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