Neck Deep Gear Reportedly Stolen in London

Neck Deep are the latest rockers to be the victims of gear theft. The band took to Twitter to ask for help locating the stolen items on Thursday (Feb. 10). Check out the tweet below, which includes photos of the instruments.

Neck Deep revealed six guitars were stolen from their Bath ITT truck in Park Royal, London at 4 a.m. on Feb. 9. They provided a list of the stolen items, along with photos featuring the instruments for reference.

The stolen gear includes:

– Left handed PRS Custom 24 Charcoal Burst (with a truss rod cover engraved 'Horny')
– Matt West Signature Reverend Green Guitar (serial no: 41429)
– Matt West Signature Reverend Yellow Guitar (serial no: 27955)
– Matt West Signature Reverend Pink Guitar (serial no: 37492)
– Matt West Signature Reverend Black Guitar (with stickers, serial no: 28456)
– Gibson J45 Electro Acoustic Guitar

All of the guitars have DiMarzio strap locks on them. The band went one to say they did find replacements for the instruments, allowing them to play their upcoming U.K. tour dates, but many of the guitars hold sentimental value for the band.

Neck Deep are the latest to be hit by gear thieves. Gully Boys, Russian Circles, Mannequin Pussy, The Word Alive and more have all had items stolen from them recently. The Word Alive tracked down their gear using Air Tags, which could be a PSA for bands to invest in the tracking technology.

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