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New Metallica Book ‘The $24.95 Book’ Is Coming Out This Summer

New Metallica Book ‘The $24.95 Book’ Is Coming Out This Summer

A new book about Metallica, titled The 24.95 Book, is coming out this summer.

Written by Ben Apatoff, the book chronicles Metallica’s four-decade career, with different chapters dedicated to each member of the band, album in their discography, books, movies and other ways they impacted popular culture.

“I wanted it to it to be more than a fact book, and not just something people could just look up on the Internet,” Apatoff wrote in a statement [via Blabbermouth].

“The metal band everybody knows — but nobody has ever figured out. Ben Apatoff has taken the ultimate deep dive into the dark legend of Metallica, one of rock’s weirdest and most fascinating mysteries. In this brilliant book, he tells the definitive story of how a band of nobodies took on the world—and why the world will never be the same,” author Rob Sheffield praised of Apatoff’s book, as mentioned in the Amazon listing.

As the name infers, the book is going for $24.95. See an image of its cover below, and pre-order it here now — it’ll be available on Aug. 15.

Metallica are releasing a book of their own this year as well — a photo book called The Black Album in Black + White that commemorates the 30th anniversary of the legendary album that catapulted the band into superstardom.

Additionally, they’re releasing both a remastered version of The Black Album and a Blacklist album, which features covers of their songs from 53 artists, such as Corey Taylor, Miley Cyrus and Elton John.

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