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Noah Weiland Releases Debut Solo EP ‘Last Kiss Before Detox’ With 2 New Songs

Noah Weiland Releases Debut Solo EP ‘Last Kiss Before Detox’ With 2 New Songs

Noah Weiland, former lead singer of Suspect208 and the 21-year-old son of late rock singer Scott Weiland, just released his debut solo EP, Last Kiss Before Detox, on June 21.

The effort boasts three songs, two of which are new — "Breakup Song" and "I Love You." The EP's finale, "One Day," was previously issued as a single by Noah, the independent artist who recently told Loudwire he's "not trying to ride my dad's coattails."

Listen to the EP near the bottom of this page.

Noah's aim certainly comes through in the songs he's released on his own, beginning with "One Day," his first solo song from April. It was followed by the standalone single "Drunk" earlier this month. Noah's style mixes guitar tones and rhythms from pop-punk with elements of emo rap and other modern mainstream fare.

It certainly doesn't sound like Stone Temple Pilots, the rock act once led by his father. "We make completely different music," Noah said of the comparison, adding that, above all, he's currently "focused on sobriety."

Last month, Noah shared with Loudwire, "My recovery and music are the only things that matter to me at the moment." As for what's behind Last Kiss Before Detox, the musician suggested it's "more about my father, mother, a little shade at my old stepmom, my adult years, growing up — much different from what people expect — and addiction."

Last year, Noah parted ways with Suspect208, the band he played in with two other rock offspring — Tye Trujillo, son of Metallica's Robert Trujillo, and London Hudson, son of Guns N' Roses' Slash. Hudson accompanies Noah on the 2020 single "Shark Attack."

Suspect208 subsequently broke up entirely. Suspect208 guitarist Niko Tsangaris went on to form S8nt Elektric with Hudson. Noah and Tye later started Blu Weekend.

Find Last Kiss Before Detox on all streaming platforms now.

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Noah Weiland, "Breakup Song"

Noah Weiland, "I Love You"

Noah Weiland, "One Day"

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