One-Man Band Does Electro Limp Bizkit Cover After Affirmation From Fred Durst

Fans who follow Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst know the bandleader likes to draw attention to things he enjoys. To wit, he recently did so sharing a TikTok video made by the British musician Youngr.

On Tuesday (Jan. 25), Youngr responded to Durst's encouragement by sharing a loop-based, one-man-band electro version of Limp Bizkit's 2000 hit "Rollin'" — a song with no lack of covers. In turn, Durst shared Youngr's "Rollin'" cover on Instagram.

"fire flip," the Limp Bizkit singer remarked.

Youngr, the creative moniker of Dario Younger Brigham-Bowes, already has a backlog of TikTok music creations. Recently, Durst replied with two lightning bolt emojis to a May video of Youngr doing a live remix of "Sweet Disposition" by the Australian rockers The Temper Trap, which set off the pair's exchange.

Youngr released his debut, This Is Not an Album, in 2018. He followed it with the Obsession EP (2018), Memories (2020) and Bootleg Mix, Vol. 1 (2020).

In 2021, Youngr explained, "Most of my musical life [was] in bands and writing with other people, jamming, improvising, feeding off other musicians' energy. To be doing it on my own is kinda lonely, if I'm honest! It's always fun at the beginning of making a track, loading up the synths, bashing drums, slappin' the bass, but then when it gets to structuring and arranging and making those tough decisions of what to keep and what to scrap, it gets pretty treacherous!"

Last year, Limp Bizkit released STILL SUCKS, the rap-rock veterans' first album in a decade. It arrived amid a resurgence in popularity for the group after their Lollapalooza 2021 set and Durst's wig-assisted makeover.

Watch Youngr's electro "Rollin'" rendition below.

Youngr, "Rollin'" (Electronic/Looped Limp Bizkit Cover)


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