Otep Cancels Upcoming Tour, Continues Work on Ninth Studio Album

Otep is the latest artist having to rethink their touring plans in the midst of the recent COVID surge for the Omicron variant. In a new posting, the singer cites not only her own previous health issues but the concern of employing proper COVID protocols that will keep everyone safe as reasons for canceling plans for her upcoming dates.

The vocalist also used her statement to discuss the recent death of her brother and to thank fans for the support that she's received as she continues to process her grief. Read her full statement below:

My Real Ones,
It is with a heavy heart that I write this to you. As you know, it’s been 3 years since I’ve toured the U. S. and performed for all of you and I have been anxiously awaiting for the moment where we could all be together again, to make new memories and give you the best show possible RIOT!
However, many of you know that I have l lung issues due to chronic bronchitis as a child and with the surge of the Omicron variant, how rapid it’s spreading and the inconsistencies with state guidelines and mandates, it is impossible for us to enforce the proper covid protocols that my team & I are comfortable with to keep everyone safe.
To make this heavy decision, my team and I have had many, many (sometimes heated) discussions regarding what could be done and ultimately we decided it is best to unfortunately cancel the upcoming tour for fear of putting the health of the bands, our crew, the venue staff, myself & most importantly, YOU, at risk.
Also, most of you know that I’ve been struggling with the recent death of my brother & I cannot thank you enough for all your kind words & love. It means so much to my family & I as we still process this unimaginable grief. In that respect, I simply can’t put my family in a position that might result in another tragedy.
Again, I am so, so sorry. We tried everything. We really did.
In the meantime, I will be taking the proper time to grieve and heal & working to finish my 9th album to give you everything you deserve.
Stay safe, stay healthy. Get vaxx’d so we can breathe freely again.
Love & stitches,
xx Otep xx

One other key note in the post is that Otep and her band continue to work on their follow-up to 2018's Kult 45 album. A separate social media post posited, "Yes, Otep is currently working on and will be releasing a 9th album. Yes, you're not ready for it!" So stay tuned for what's coming next.

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