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Ozzy Warns Kids About Snorting ‘Death Dust’ In New Commercial

Ozzy Warns Kids About Snorting ‘Death Dust’ In New Commercial

Ozzy Osbourne is seen in a lighthearted new commercial for a drink powder, inspired by its customers.

Death Dust – a new product from Liquid Death – offers flavored drinks aimed at healthier living, so the Black Sabbath icon’s history with drugs, and powders in particular, seemed a perfect match.

Liquid Death made the connection after online chats about the Death Dust range. As Classic Rock reported, the manufacturers were asked; “Can I snort it?” and responded: “Death Dust is best when mixed with 16-19oz of water or tea. Please do not attempt to snort Death Dust.”

“Best if with water, just okay if snorted,” a user replied. Another said: “I am not hearing a ‘no’.”

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In the resulting ad, available below, Osbourne is seen in the back of a UV which pulls up just as two kids are preparing a drink of Death Dust. Harking back to his drug-taking years, Osbourne assumes they’re going to use it differently and warns them off, to their confusion.

“Take it from me – don’t snort that stuff!” he says. “Whatever you do, don’t try freebasing it… and never ever inject it.” The ad ends just as Osbourne is about to complete his explanation of what “boofing” a drug involves.

“Hey kids, Ozzy knows best,” Liquid Death commented in the style of real health advisories trying to connect with a younger demographic. “Take it from a guy who knows a thing or two about bad decisions: Liquid Death’s more intensely flavored Death Dust hydration powder is much safer when you mix it with water and drink it.”

Ozzy Osbourne’s Death Dust Commercial

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