‘Pansy Ass Woke Critics + Trolls’ Living Rent-Free in Kid Rock’s Head

Kid Rock's newest song, "Don't Tell Me How to Live," stirred up some controversy over its crass lyrics which called out easily-offended "snowflakes." The backlash was enough to cause guest star Jon Harvey (of Monster Truck) to, in turn, be "super offended" and it now appears that all the "pansy ass woke critics and trolls" who bashed the song are living rent-free in Kid Rock's head.

The song features an over-the-top video, which, at one point, finds the rap-rocker flying on a giant middle finger "Kid Rock-It" (Get it? Rock-it… rocket…) as he continues to allude to the many ways he's better than millennials and the upcoming generation, which he deemed "a nation of pussies."

Despite claiming, "Ain't nothing changed here, I still don't give a fuck," all that chatter has clearly made its way to Kid Rock, who felt strongly enough about it to issue a statement on social media while at the same time participating in the same system he said is "completely out of hand."

"All you pansy ass woke critics and trolls are exactly what brought me to create 'Don’t Tell Me How To Live.' Thank you for the inspiration! Keep shoveling coal on the fire you idiots! I fucking love it! To the Kid Rock dysfunctional family, we already know there is NO tribe like ours in music, period," wrote Kid Rock on Facebook.

"Stay tuned for more songs to be released soon, an album early next year and god willing… a monster 2022 tour announcement!!! Merry Christmas – Kid Rock #NoSellout," he added, previewing what could be in store for next year.

Not done collecting his thoughts, Kid Rock continued, "PS, Remember 'Sticks and Stones may break my bones….?' Whatever happened to that shit?"

He then offered advice on how his detractors should live and exclaimed, "Quit being so dam [sic] offended, toughen up and enjoy life! We all know the media, social and mainstream, are completely out of hand and only in the business of clicks and views nowadays. Don’t take the bait anymore!!"

Kid Rock then encouraged everyone to "do some research and seek truth" before alternatively suggesting that people just disregard fact-finding entirely — "or fuck it, just ignore 'em and rock harder!"

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