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Papa Roach React to ‘Last Resort’ Pop Makeover in New Movie Soundtrack

Papa Roach React to ‘Last Resort’ Pop Makeover in New Movie Soundtrack

Papa Roach recently reacted to a new pop music cover version of their 2000 nu-metal hit "Last Resort."

The cover is performed by the burgeoning pop singer Emma Zander, and it appears in the soundtrack of the new sci-fi dramedy movie I'm Totally Fine, which came out on Nov. 4.

Zander's "Last Resort" takes the guitar-fueled Papa Roach original and turns it into a slow-burning pop number with lots of synthesizer sounds — but no guitar.

Listen to the cover near the bottom of this post.

How did Papa Roach react? "Ya fuckin nailed it!" the Jacoby Shaddix-led rock band said in a comment on Zander's Instagram post about the cover. "Love your version of it," they added.

Zander replied to the group, "aah thank you so much!!Have loved this song forever & honored to sing it"

Papa Roach Emma Zander comment
Instagram: @emmazander

Zander is also an actress, though she doesn't appear in I'm Totally Fine, led by Workaholics' Jillian Bell. Zander's version of "Last Resort" was released Nov. 4 by New Noize Records.

In a press release, Zander explained of the Kayhan Azadi-produced cover, "The mark of a great song is that it stands the test of time — and 'Last Resort' means as much to me today as when it first came out in 2000."

She added, "The idea of this iconic song from a woman's perspective is so badass to me. I dove deep into the emotion and lyrics and came out with a whole new appreciation for the rock anthem."

Zander's music video for her "Last Resort" rendition, helmed by I'm Totally Fine director Brandon Dermer, premiered on Nov. 7.

The enduring "Last Resort" — it debuted on Papa Roach's first album, 2000's Infest — has been covered many times, including by Papa Roach themselves in a 2021 version featuring TikTok star Jeris Johnson. "Last Resort" has also been re-made by some non-traditional performers, including a bunch of animals and a Walmart customer.

Over 20 years ago, the original "Last Resort" hit No. 1 on Billboard's Alternative Airplay chart, No. 4 on Mainstream Rock and No. 57 on the Hot 100.

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