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Petition Launched to Transfer Iron Maiden Superfan Principal Over ‘Satanic’ Imagery

Petition Launched to Transfer Iron Maiden Superfan Principal Over ‘Satanic’ Imagery

A petition has been launched to transfer a high school principal, who's an enormous Iron Maiden fan, because of "Satanic symbols."

Sharon Burns is the principal of Eden High School in St. Catharines, Ontario, and due to her social media posts about Iron Maiden and heavy metal, a parent started a petition on to have her transferred to a different school. The title is "Eden High School Principal, Sharon Burns, Needs to Be Transferred Immediately!"

"As concerned parents with impressionable children at Eden High School in St. Catharines, Ontario, we are deeply disturbed that the principal assigned to the school blatantly showed Satanic symbols and her allegiance to Satanic practices on her public social media platforms where all the students can see them," the petition's description reads.

"Our school is based on inclusion, and openly displaying Satanic symbols (on a public social media platform) that directly goes against the principles of the vast majority of families who represent the school, is not inclusive."

As a result, some parents have come together to argue that she should be transferred to another school, and be replaced by someone who "aligns with the values of the families at Eden."

What fucking year is it again?

The photos included in the petition are of Burns holding up the Devil horns — whoa, so horrific — with a bunch of Iron Maiden decor in the back of a car. Another image features an Eddie doll with a note that has "666" written inside of a heart. Apparently, these parents aren't familiar with the Maiden song "The Number of the Beast."

Or they are, and they're still that offended by it.

"Please Note: This petition is not about Sharon Burns’ love for Iron Maiden. At no point has it ever been," the petition also mentions. "This petition is about a principal of a school openly displaying her own handmade sign with the 666 clearly displayed on it which she knows full well what that Satanic symbol means to the vast majority of families in her school and she put it on a professional, public account on social media, not a private one, which she very easily could have done."

"If she had not posted a picture of her own handmade 666 sign, this petition would not exist. Nobody cares what band she likes and this is not about her choice in what she listens to. That would be petty and nonsensical."


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