Philip Anselmo Had No Expectations for Pantera’s ‘Vulgar Display of Power’

Any musician wants to see their music releases succeed, but remaining grounded is more likely to result in a better outcome. Philip Anselmo admitted that he had no expectations for how Pantera's Vulgar Display of Power would do.

Vulgar was Pantera's sixth studio album, but their third with Anselmo behind the mic, and it's their best-selling record to date. With its 30th anniversary quickly approaching, the vocalist reflected on the impact that it had on Pantera's popularity in a discussion with The Pit.

"When Vulgar Display of Power first came out, my expectations for how it would do were none. I never had any expectations for any record we've ever done. I always felt like if I put an expectation upon it, I'd always get let down. So I just let things happen as things happened," Anselmo remarked.

"Now, the reception of the record and — God — the tours, the tours… The difference in the audience from Cowboys From Hell touring cycle to Vulgar Display was night and day, truly. But I was surprised at how positive the reception was and all the massive crowds and the fans. That was really the true… Well, that was when people started coming to shows — like, you had to see Pantera."

In another clip about the album, the singer discussed the iconic power ballad "This Love," which he believes set the precedent for heavy love songs with the way it alternated between delicate verses and crushing choruses.

"It's unique, and a lot of bands used that same formula down the line," he acknowledged. "I don't think we're the first, I just think we did it — the production and the sounds that Pantera had — it hit so hard dynamically, that's what made it unique."

See the video segments below.

Philip Anselmo Had No Expectations for Pantera's 'Vulgar Display of Power'

Philip Anselmo Discusses the Uniqueness of Pantera's 'This Love'

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