Philip Anselmo Says He Wrote Guitar Riff for Pantera’s ‘Mouth for War’

Former Pantera vocalist Philip Anselmo said he wrote the main guitar riff to Pantera's "Mouth for War" during a recent video chat looking back at the metal band's classic 1992 album, Vulgar Display of Power. The record celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

It arrived in stores on Feb. 25, 1992. It was Pantera's second album on a major label after 1990's Cowboys From Hell. But when writing Vulgar Display, as Anselmo recalled, not all the guitar parts were composed by the band's actual guitarist, the late Dimebag Darrell.

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"When we wrote 'Mouth for War,' I wrote the main riff, and Dimebag liked it," Anselmo told The Pit this month. "It sounded about a thousand times better when he played it, and he made it his own. And everybody — God, they put that song together, we put that song together."

He continued, "I think we knew we had written a pretty good song, that one. And I think the video for its time was unique to look at, groundbreaking, sort of action-packed — shit like that. So very '90s-band-like."

Anselmo's latest recollections arrived in a series of successive interview clips. In the same talk, he referenced his initially humble outlook for the album.

"When Vulgar Display of Power first came out, my expectations for how it would do were none," Anselmo remembered. "I never had any expectations for any record we've ever done. I always felt like if I put an expectation upon it, I'd always get let down. So I just let things happen as things happened."

Ultimately, however, the "difference in the audience from [the] Cowboys From Hell touring cycle to Vulgar Display was night and day," he added. "But I was surprised at how positive the reception was and all the massive crowds and the fans."

Last year, the club where Dimebag was killed during a 2004 show by his post-Pantera band, Damageplan, was finally demolished. The site will now be the home for affordable apartments. Pantera and Damageplan drummer Vinnie Paul, Dimebag's brother, died of heart failure in 2018. Their joint gravesite is in the brothers' home state in Arlington, Texas.

An official Pantera tribute event or quasi-reunion featuring Anselmo and surviving Pantera bassist Rex Brown has been previously discussed by the vocalist. In 2021, Brown shot down the earlier floated notion that guitarist Zakk Wylde might play in place of Dime. A year earlier, the bassist voiced his support for some type of Pantera event with Anselmo.

Anselmo now fronts Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals.

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