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Rammstein’s Till Lindemann Recreated Andy Warhol Burger Ad for Vegan Company

Rammstein’s Till Lindemann Recreated Andy Warhol Burger Ad for Vegan Company

Rammstein's eccentric frontman Till Lindemann is no stranger to visually compelling performances, so when it came time to partner with the plant-based company LikeMeat for a promo video last year, he decided to dress as Andy Warhol as he was filmed eating a plant-based burger.

The clip was inspired by a four-minute video called Andy Warhol Eating a Hamburger, which was filmed by Jørgen Leth and literally starred the late artist eating a Burger King burger. It was shot back in the early 1980s for a documentary titled 66 Scenes From America, and Lindemann chose to reenact the scene for LikeMeat's Veganuary advertisement.

The Rammstein singer basically just stares into the camera as he eats the burger in silence. He doesn't quite finish it, wraps it up, finishes chewing and hesitates before saying, "I'm Till Lindemann, and I just ate a plant burger," in German.

"Plant-based meat manufacturer LikeMeat is supporting Veganuary 2021 with a food performance art film starring Till Lindemann," the company wrote in the description of the video. "Veganuary promotes a vegan lifestyle and encourages people to eat purely plant-based food in January. The art film shows Till Lindemann eating a plant burger from LikeMeat."

Watch the clip below, and compare it to the original Warhol video underneath.

The rocker teamed up with LikeMeat again earlier this year for their 2022 Veganuary promotion, and the video was a bit more intense this time around. Lindemann appears to be at some sort of fashion show, and eats the burger as models strut up and down the runway, with flashing lights and electronic music playing in the background. When he finishes eating, the models line up and cheer him on.

Check out the 2022 promo below as well.

Till Lindemann Dresses as Andy Warhol for LikeMeat's Veganuary 2021

Andy Warhol Eating a Hamburger

Till Lindemann + LikeMeat Ad Veganuary 2022

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