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Rob Zombie Shares First Look at Eye-Catching ‘The Munsters’ Sets

Rob Zombie Shares First Look at Eye-Catching ‘The Munsters’ Sets

As Rob Zombie pushes forward with The Munsters movie, he's continued to share his vision of what the reboot of the popular '60s series will look like. Most recently on social media, Zombie has shared photos of the set dressers and some of the sets they've created within 1313 Mockingbird Lane where the family will do a lot of their living.

"Some random set construction happening today. These sets are going to be absolutely insane," Zombie stated, serving up nine slides of the interior sets.

The dedication to detail is obvious, not only in showing appreciation for the original series, but helping to set the mood by presenting the environment in which the characters live and assorted nicknacks around the house.

The opening slide shows a coffin with blue-green interior that's been made into a shelving unit, sitting in a room with almost matching blue-green curtains, hardwood floors, tapestry rug, brown drape from the ceiling over the doorway, two sitting chairs, a candelabra and a standing light fixture.

Other slides showcase a stairwell descending to paneled glass windows, the living room, dining room and library / reading room, as well as a staircase leading up to a coffin, and a still-in-progress arched hallway.

Inside these sets, you'll find assorted upholstered and plush chairs, multiple tapestry floor rugs, colorful window panels, duvets, tables, desks, throw pillows, chandelier lighting, lamps and candlestick holders, a victrola, statues and figurines including a skull, a fireplace, globes, flowers and more. Get a closer look below.

The upcoming Munsters film has cast Zombie film staples Jeff Daniel Phillips and Sheri Moon Zombie as Herman and Lily Munster, while Daniel Roebuck will portray Grandpa Munster. The film also has Richard Brake as Dr. Henry August Wolfgang and Lost's Jorge Garcia as his hunchback assistant Floop and most recently cast Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira Mistress of the Dark) as Barbara Carr, the No. 1 real estate agent in all of Mockingbird Heights.

Just last week, Zombie also revealed that his version of The Munsters has received a PG rating from the Motion Picture Association.

Zombie was announced as the director for The Munsters film in June 2021. In recent months, he's recreated the original house and even built a full neighborhood set while filming. Zombie has also been steadily revealing some of the casting, costumes and makeup effects on social media in the build up to what will eventually be the release of the film.

The rocker made his directorial debut with House of 1000 Corpses in 2003. Since then, he has worked on numerous other horror films, like The Devil's RejectsThe Lords of Salem3 From Hell, and a 2007 Halloween remake.

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