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Ronnie Radke Does Good Deed, Fan Brings Him to Tears

Ronnie Radke Does Good Deed, Fan Brings Him to Tears

Falling in Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke just did a really good deed for a fan, who then brought the singer to tears with their heartfelt “thank you” message to him.

Radke was in the midst of a heated exchange with another individual on X, who called the singer “so fuckin pathetic” over a series of posts he shared on the platform. Radke fired back, “Yes I’m 40 years old rich as shit and bored talking hella shit to literal fucking losers because I have nothing better to do because I don’t have to work a normal job so I got all the time in the world and most your favorite bands are messaging me laughing their asses off, stop calling me insane shit and I’ll stop holding a mirror up to you ugly mothefuckers.”

Someone named Brandon Brown then took the opportunity to reply to Radke’s tweet, pointing out the vocalist’s self-proclaimed wealth, and asked for help paying off his credit card bill. Radke responded, asking how much the bill is, and Brown stated that he has $7,000 in credit card debt.

Radke then offered Brown $2,000.

Following the exchange, Brown shared a video of himself on X with the caption, “Was very up and down with sharing this, because of how emotional I am. But Ronnie Radke thank you so much. When I made the comment, I never thought he would see it or even respond.”

In the video, Brown said, “This means everything to me. And for you to just pick some random strange off of Twitter, thanks again. I met you twice, once with Escape the Fate and once with Falling in Reverse, and you’ve always been awesome. So thank you again, and I appreciate it.”

Radke quoted Brown’s post and wrote, “Brother this made me tear up. Thank you for sharing.”

A couple of other people responded to Brown’s video sharing other instances where Radke helped them out, with one person recalling that the singer donated money to them to help with their mom’s cancer battle. Another fan noted that Radke gave generous gifts during his Twitch streams in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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