Sammy Hagar Officially Named Ambassador of Los Cabos, Mexico

It seemed to be unofficial for many years (as the Red Rocker gushed about his love for the place) but now Sammy Hagar IS officially an ambassador of Los Cabos, Mexico. Hagar was granted the title of Honorary Ambassador of Los Cabos title by the Baja Tourism Department in a ceremony on Wednesday (Jan 5.)

"In recognition of Mr. Hagar’s incredible commitment to Los Cabos and our new partnership, we are thrilled to honor him with this unprecedented role in championing Los Cabos as a prestigious travel and business destination,” said the municipal President of Los Cabos. "We are thrilled that Mr. Hagar will continue to bring his incredible network of friends in music, entertainment and business to Los Cabos.”

 Sammy Hagar Getting His Los Cabos Ambassador Plaque

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Sammy Speaking at the Ceremony

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A famed resort destination located on the southern tip of Mexico's Baja California Peninsula, Hagar fell in love with Cabo San Lucas (one of the two towns that comprise Los Cabos) 40 years ago when it was just a sleepy fishing village with dirt roads and one hotel.

Hagar's vision was to build a little seaside bar where he and his friends could play music off the grid… then Hagar joined Van Halen. Plans for the little bar exploded into the Cabo Wabo Cantina, then a tequila company, and now a whole brand revolving around the Cabo lifestyle with restaurants, bars, spirits and retail.

The area grew with him, and Los Cabos is now a world-class vacation destination, bringing in more than three million visitors every year.

Hagar remarked at the ceremony, "Being honored for anything in Los Cabos is the same for me as being honored in my hometown, because I feel this is my hometown and has been since the early 80s. I will treasure this award, putting it right next to my Grammy, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction award and the rest of my music awards. I am truly thankful and excited about this ceremony. I will continue to do my part in bringing this, one of the most beautiful places in the world, to the rest of the world, as your new ambassador of tourism.”

Pandemic times aside, Hagar normally hosts a birthday bash in Cabo San Lucas where he and other artists play. Hagar will be 75 this year.

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