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SepticFlesh Are Back With Dark New Song ‘Hierophant’ + ‘Modern Primitive’ Album

SepticFlesh Are Back With Dark New Song ‘Hierophant’ + ‘Modern Primitive’ Album

Greek symphonic death metal masters SepticFlesh have returned with Modern Primitive, their first new album since 2017's Codex Omega, which has been set for a May 20 release on Nuclear Blast. Up first is "Hierophant," the lead single, for which a music video has been made as well.

For this record, SepticFlesh returned to some familiar collaborators. Jens Bogren handled the mix, as he did on the last album, while the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra again fulfilled their duties in adding dense, nightmarish symphonic touches to the band's dramatic, thought-provoking brand of death metal. Full adult and children choirs were used as well, in addition to a "variety of ethnic instruments," per a press release.

"Hierophant" itself doesn't offer any surprises for seasoned SepticFlesh fans, but what it does is tread further down the stylistic path the band set on after reuniting in 2007, all done to remarkably high standard.

Watch the music video below.

This latest single comes second in the Modern Primitive track listing, which can be viewed further down the page alongside the stunning album art that was created by vocalist/bassist Seth Siro Anton. Pre-order the album here.

"'Hierophant' is the result of an experiment with ideas that have been haunting our minds for quite a long time," the frontman said. "Eventually, they matured, leading us to create one of our darkest compositions ever. It is a rhythmical song with profane heavy riffing, layered with melodies that bring to mind chants from mystical ancient civilizations like the Egyptians."

"We found it appropriate to add an imposing ritualistic element to the song. So, from the first second until the end, the orchestration is focused 100% on its grim task, to create an awe-inspiring atmosphere and put the listener at the center of this forbidden ceremony," added guitarist and orchestrator Christos Antoniou.

Pre-order Modern Primitive here.

Septicflesh, "Hierophant" Music Video

Septicflesh, Modern Primitive Album Art + Track Listing

Septicflesh, ‘Modern Primitive’
Nuclear Blast

1. "The Collector" (4:04)
2. "Hierophant" (4:05)
3. "Self-Eater" (4:27)
4. "Neuromancer" (5:01)
5. "Coming Storm" (4:50)
6. "A Desert Throne" (4:18)
7. "Modern Primitives" (4:11)
8. "Psychohistory" (3:34)
9. "A Dreadful Muse" (4:09)

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