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Shaq Tried to Break Guinness World Record for Biggest Mosh Pit

Shaq Tried to Break Guinness World Record for Biggest Mosh Pit

Did the world's biggest DJ just set the world mosh pit record? That remains to be seen, but former NBA star, current NBA analyst and electronic music DJ Shaquille O'Neal certainly set things in motion in an attempt to set a Guinness World Record last month at the the Lost Lands Festival.

Performing under his moniker DJ Diesel, Shaq took the stage after previously putting the call out to his fans. "Should we go for Guinness world record for biggest moshpit at
@lost_lands???," he tweeted.

And it looks like the fans came prepared to give Shaq what he was asking for as the mosh pit activity was heavy during his set, as seen in posted video below. "Y’all gave it everything you had @lost_lands. that’s was crazy. Love y’all and take care of each other," said Shaq.

Shaq does love his mosh pits, previously being spotted in the mosh pit at the 2019 Tomorrowland Festival in Belgium. Shaq has also crowd surfed (getting a bloody mouth in the process) and gone for a stage dive at previous shows.

As for whether Shaq accomplished his goal at the "largest mosh pit" at Lost Lands, that may be hard to define. As pointed out, when DevilDriver claimed to have broken the Guinness World Record for "largest circle pit" at 2007's Download Festival, the Guinness committee rejected the attempt due to the inability to "define where any circle/mosh pit starts and ends."  So an official record may be hard to come by where the "largest mosh pit" is concerned.

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