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Sharon Osbourne to Co-Host U.K.’s ‘The Talk’ With Piers Morgan

Sharon Osbourne to Co-Host U.K.’s ‘The Talk’ With Piers Morgan

Just under a year after exiting CBS' The Talk show, Sharon Osbourne has been announced as a new cast member of the U.K.'s new talk show, also called The Talk, which will be hosted by Piers Morgan. The show will air on the country's new network Talk TV.

"Things are set to get even more opinionated on Talk TV," the network wrote in a tweet about the show, tagging Morgan and Osbourne.

"So what I'm really looking for in my coworkers at Talk TV is somebody who is, well, a bit like me — very opinionated, fearless, funny, knows their own mind, not afraid to speak it, unpredictable, maybe a little bit dangerous," Morgan said in a video embedded in the tweet. "But also somebody who every time they open their gobby little mouth, it makes global news."

"Uh, where do I sign Piers?" Osbourne questioned as the camera shifted toward her.

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In March of 2021, CBS' The Talk went on hiatus after Osbourne — who'd been on the show for 11 seasons — got into a debate with co-host Sheryl Underwood, which initiated as a result of Osbourne defending Morgan's critical remarks about Meghan Markle.

"Piers Morgan I am with you. I stand by you. People forget that you’re paid for your opinion and that you’re just speaking your truth," Osbourne wrote in a tweet.

Underwood argued that Osbourne's support of Morgan meant she was defending racism, and then several other coworkers and personalities added that she'd also made prejudice comments toward them in the past.

Osbourne spoke out on the matter, claiming that CBS set her up because the network's executives were unhappy that she openly championed Morgan. Later that month, she left the show.

"I would never go back to that show again, ever," Osbourne told TMZ, who happened to catch her and Ozzy Osbourne entering a parking garage. "No, because CBS sucks, big time… Listen, it happened, I don't care. I honestly don't care, it's not like I need it."

When asked if she'll be retiring, Osbourne replied, "Fuck no," and walked away. She did confirm that her husband will be going back on tour.

See the clip underneath the tweet.

Perhaps her new role on the U.K.'s Talk TV is another contributing factor in the couple's decision to move back to their home country, in addition to Los Angeles' increasingly high tax rate.

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