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Slipknot’s Mick Thomson Names Two Favorite Guilty Pleasure Bands

Slipknot’s Mick Thomson Names Two Favorite Guilty Pleasure Bands

In a new interview with Fishman Music, Slipknot guitarist Mick Thomson named two of his guilty pleasure bands while answering the internet’s most searched questions about him.

A lot of the questions are pretty straightforward, to which the axeman offers brief answers to. At first, he’s a bit antagonistic and humorously lies, saying he was born with a mask on and that he’s not left-handed (he totally is).

As the video (seen near the bottom of the page) progresses, Thomson opens up and is truthful in his replies. He’s at his most enthusiastic when getting to shout out a pair of his favorite guilty pleasure bands.

Mick Thomson’s Guilty Pleasure Bands

The original question was: “What is Mick Thomson’s music genre guilty pleasure?” The Slipknot guitarist alters his response, however, prefacing, “It’s not a genre exactly, but I’d say there’s a couple bands that I like that people would probably be kind of weirded out by or whatever.” “Electric Six rule fucking beyond belief and the other is The Dead South — they fucking rule beyond belief,” Thomson beams, adding “One is bluegarass and whatever kind of stuff and the other, Electric Six, is like dance.” He then quotes a lyric from the band’s song “Synthesizer,” “You can trip on my synthesizer.” READ MORE: Watch – Slipknot Team Up With Legendary Video Game Series For New Masks Recollecting one of his favorite Electric Six memories, Thomson shares, “I got to see them on my birthday. They played in Des Moines on November 2 at midnight so I actually got to go and see them fucking play and I got to meet the singer and talk to him and shit. They were at a bar downtown in Des Moines and it was so fucking great. It’s one of those bands they’re just so much fucking fun. They’re so smart and subversive and I love them. Absolutely love them.”

About Electric Six

Electric Six formed in Detroit, Michigan in 1996 and play an eclectic range of styles. There’s an inherent cheekiness to what the band does as they lean into comedic stylings enveloped by the sounds of garage rock, dance, funk and brass instrumentation. Even under the wide umbrella of alt-rock, they’re quite eccentric.

The band has released 16 studio albums since debuting in 2003 with Fire, which contains their biggest hits in “Danger! High Voltage” and “Gay Bar.”

Electric Six, “Synthesizer”

About The Dead South

Formed in 2012 in Saskatchewan, Canada, The Death South got their start with 2014’s Good Company and have released four full lengths in total.

They play a mix of folk and bluegrass with a bit of a dark vibe, so there’s some entry level appeal for metal fans.

The Death South, “In Hell I’ll Be in Good Company”

Other Questions Mick Thomson Answered

Elsewhere in the video, Thomson answers some general questions about his 200-plus guitar collection, how many picks he usually uses during a show, what strings he uses and more.

When asked if he like The Beatles, he says yes, but only certain eras. “I don’t like the, ‘She loves you yeah, yeah, yeah‘ shit, I like them when they got all strung out and shitty,” the guitarist explains.

As for why he’s a fan of the NFL’s Las Vegas (formerly Oakland) Raiders, Thomson has the most metal response. “When I was a little kid, the Raiders were the meanest motherfuckers playing the meanest fucking sport back when they still could hit. It was brutal,” he enthuses. “They’ve been my team since early grade school.”

Watch the full video below.

Mick Thomson Answers The Most Searched Questions About Himself

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