Small Child Impressively Plays the Drums to Spiritbox’s ‘Circle With Me’

Spiritbox's "Circle With Me" is undoubtedly a metalcore highlight of 2021. But should a listener need any more proof of that, look no further than the below video of a 2-year-old child fairly accurately playing one of the drum parts from the April Eternal Blue single by the band.

After all, it's never too early to start playing an instrument, is it? And this kid is quite impressive on the kit. Perhaps that's because they appear to be related to drummer Alex Camarena of fellow metalcore act Silent Planet, if not Camarena's own child. Camarena is the one who shared the clip, tagging Spiritbox singer Courtney LaPlante in the accompanying post.

Watch the video down toward the bottom of this page.

"Yo @corklezlaplante," Camarena tweeted with the video on Tuesday (Dec. 28). "This 2 year old walked into the room, yelled 'Alexa, play circle with me' and started JAMMIN. My goodness. I wasn't ready. This kid is gonna run circles around me in a couple years. love to see it!"

LaPlante replied in a comment, "@ZevRoseDrums YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED OLD MAN." (Zev Rosenberg is Spiritbox's current drummer who played on the album.)

Spiritbox's Eternal Blue is Loudwire's Album of the Year for 2021, as well as a favorite debut of the year. Both Spiritbox and Silent Planet land on Loudwire's 2021 rankings for Best Metal Songs and Best Rock & Metal Albums. Last month, Silent Planet returned with Iridescent, preceded by singles such as "Panopticon."

Spiritbox are due to tour North America next year with Underoath and Every Time I Die. Their summer tour with Limp Bizkit was canceled after a few stops when the Fred Durst-led act dropped out.

Silent Planet Drummer Alex Camarena's 2-Year-Old Plays Drums to Spiritbox

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