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Something Happened for First Time Ever at Pearl Jam Tour Closer

Something Happened for First Time Ever at Pearl Jam Tour Closer

At the final stop of Pearl Jam‘s North American tour, they treated their hometown Seattle fans to something that took place for the first time ever at one of their shows.

After playing 17 songs at their second night at the Climate Pledge Arena, Eddie Vedder walked out onstage alone to kick off an eight-song encore. This had the appearance of being something pretty typical as the singer has opened encores with solo acoustic performances at previous stops on the run.

Vedder’s song selection, however, was what made this night such a unique one. The frontman performed a solo acoustic version of Nine Inch Nails‘ “Hurt,” but in the style of Johnny Cash‘s legendary cover of that very song. It’s something that’s never been done at a Pearl Jam show before, although Vedder has played this rendition a handful of times at his own solo shows.

The solo performance was preceded by a heartfelt introduction as Vedder addressed the audience on the final night of the North American tour leg in support of Pearl Jam’s new album, Dark Matter.

“There’s no other guest list as big as the one as we have when we’re in Seattle,” Vedders softly says after lightly strumming his guitar for a bit. “San Diego, Chicago.. nope. Seattle,” he laughs before getting tender. “To be honest, I wish it were longer. There are certain names that I so deeply wish were on the guest list tonight, but we lost them too early and in ways we could never imagine. Damnit if I can’t stop thinking about them, but that’s a good thing too, I guess.”

The crowd claps in support and quickly become elated when they realize what song Vedder has just launched into.

Watch the fan-filmed performance below and see the full 25-song setlist from Pearl Jam’s tour closer further down the page.

Eddie Vedder Covers “Hurt” as Encore Opener at Pearl Jam Tour Closer

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Pearl Jam Setlist — May 31, 2024


01. “Black” (with “We Belong Together” tag)
02. “Immortality”
03. “Why Go”
04. “Scared of Fear”
05. “React, Respond”
06. “Wreckage”
07. “Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town”
08. “Dark Matter”
09. “Jeremy”
10. “Come Back”
11. “Corduroy”
12. “Pilate” (tour debut)
13. “In My Tree”
14. “Upper Hand”
15. “Waiting for Stevie”
16. “Love Boat Captain” (tour debut)
17. “Porch”

18. “Hurt” (Nine Inch Nails cover in the style of Johnny Cash’s cover) (Ed solo, acoustic; live Pearl Jam debut; “Crown of Thorns” lyric)
19. “Inside Job”
20. “Running”
21. “Spin the Black Circle” (dedicated to Easy Street Records)
22. “Something Special”
23. “Alive” (with Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” tag)
24. “Rockin’ in the Free World” (Neil Young cover with Deep Sea Diver)
25. “Setting Sun”

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