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Spiritbox Release Acoustic Version of Tearjerker ‘Constance’

Spiritbox Release Acoustic Version of Tearjerker ‘Constance’

Spiritbox broke the hearts of metalheads all over last fall with their song “Constance” and its emotional accompanying video, and now the trio have released a live acoustic version of the song.

If you’ve seen the video for “Constance,” you already know how much of a tearjerker it is, and somehow vocalist Courtney LaPlante and guitarist Mike Stringer have managed to make the song sound even sadder with this stripped-down version, which is complemented by a beautiful string arrangement.

After the band shared the acoustic rendition on their Twitter, their fans took to the comment section to share how it made them feel. “Come on guys, I already cry too much with the original and now this? Man! This sounds amazing! It goes deep in my heart,” someone wrote.

Listen to the song below.

Along with the release of the song, Spiritbox now have a limited clear 7″ vinyl of the “Constance” single available on their website, which comes with an instant download of both the original and the acoustic versions. Grab your copy here.

LaPlante recently spoke with Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez about the song’s sentimental origins. The singer wrote the song for her grandmother, who she was unable to say goodbye to prior to her death during the pandemic. She and director Dylan Hryciuk — who’s grandmother was battling dementia at the time — created the video to serve as a tribute for both of their lost loved ones.

“The song is just about someone who feels like they’ve lost someone, and then feels it falling apart before their very eyes and how sad they are about it,” LaPlante said of why the song has seemingly made so many people cry. “Sometimes people don’t have the permission from themselves or society to cry. Sometimes you need a sad song or a sad movie or a sad music video to give you permission to let out those emotions and feelings.”

Spiritbox – ‘Constance’ (Acoustic)

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