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The Rock + Metal Bands Touring in 2024

The Rock + Metal Bands Touring in 2024

Here are the most noteworthy rock and metal tours happening in 2024.

Keeping up with all the live activity in heavy music has reached a point of near impossibility with anywhere between 10 and 30 news tours being announced each and every week, so we’re here to help make things a lot easier and more convenient for all of you!

With hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of bands all set to hit the road within the span of just a few months, it has never been more difficult to make a decision on which shows to hit. It’s almost never been more difficult to afford going to a show with ticket prices soaring well beyond what had been typical in years past.

So, we’ve narrowed things down a bit, highlighting some of the biggest and most in-demand tours, ranging from stadium runs to killer underground tour packages.’s Spring 2024 designs: ’80s Metal and Bleghs/Breakdowns ’24 campaign


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One of the biggest treks set for 2024 is undoubtedly Creed, who will embark on their reunion tour after playing their first pair of comeback shows aboard the Summer of ’99 and Summer of ’99 and Beyond festival cruises.

There will only be more to come, too, so keep checking back here because we’ll update this tour guide as more announcements continue to come in.

See all of the can’t miss rock and metal tours happening in 2024 directly below.

2024 Rock + Metal Tour Guide

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