These Headphones Were Created For Listening to Heavy Metal

When you can't find headphones good enough for your music, you make your own. These Heavys Headphones were created for listening to heavy metal and here's what makes the headphones different.

It's always a bummer when you listen to a song in your headphone and think to yourself "Man, this sounds way better in my car, I wish I had better headphones." According to their Kickstarter, Heavys is a team of metalheads, engineers and sound freaks who have all come together to create the world's first heavy metal headphones.

The headphones are engineered by Axel Grell, who started building headphones when he was 12. He worked at Sennheiser for 27 years and was the father of their HD series. Grell says "music is very important and I want to make it sound as good as possible."

He adds, "It is such a challenging and interesting project and metalheads really deserve something that sounds great that gives all the complexity that is in the music to them."

While most headphones have one driver per side, Heavys Headphones have four. With these drivers, they're able to accommodate the lows, mids and highs and all details of your favorite heavy metal songs accurately. "Each speaker releases sound in the frequency range that suits its purpose," he explains. "That's especially crucial for the unique and complex sounds of heavy metal."

Another cool thing about Heavys Headphones is they have built-in SPL dosimeter technology that actually protects your ears from listening fatigue or hearing loss.

Other than their headphones, a hat, long-sleeve t-shirt, and a $444 sledgehammer are also listed on their website.

If you had these headphones, let us know which heavy metal song you'd listen to first in the comments.

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