Trap-Metal Artist Banshee Returns to Scene After Leaving Metal Due to Abuse

Banshee is a trap metal-meets-hyperpop artist with a quarter-million TikTok followers. For 2022, she's staking a new claim in metal, after she initially left the scene altogether due to abuse she encountered.

If you're on TikTok or other social apps, you might have already come across Banshee, the creative moniker of Rachel Knight. She grew up playing guitar and singing in various local bands but now tells a painful tale of facing cruelty and exclusion. She says the mistreatment escalated to abuse before she quit heavy metal to start anew. She then started making dark trap-pop and sharing it online, which developed into a substantial fanbase. Now realizing a creative rebirth, she has an important message for listeners.

"Setting boundaries shouldn't kill the mood, so I'm romanticizing it," Knight says of her latest Banshee single, "CHAMBER," released on Thursday (Jan. 13). She adds, "It doesn't matter what you wear or how you act, your body is yours." (Hear the track below.)

The song came to Knight after she recently got inspired by black metal again. Last year, Banshee released the debut album FUCK WITH A BANSHEE, but "CHAMBER" — complete with throaty metal screaming — points to a new era for the performer.


Speaking with Loudwire this week, Knight explains, "Metal became so closely associated with abuse for me that it became a trigger. I couldn't listen to it without getting flashbacks and panic attacks. At the same time, I was getting really into various styles of hip hop, classic house music and modern EDM. Electronic production became the most interesting thing in the world to me, and the music felt safe and welcoming."

She continues, "When Banshee started taking off, I started associating metal with Banshee, not bad memories. Facing trauma through music has given me the agency to love the things I used to love. Setting boundaries can be hard. But your body belongs to you unconditionally, and your limits are your choice."

As for where she feels Banshee fits in today's music, Knight says, "The worlds of metal and electronic music are marrying each other right now in a way, and I think it's cute. Some people will argue this is metal and some people will argue that it's not — I think it's a good conversation to have, but I just make what I wanna hear. I've never known what to call my music; I think it's harder than ever to define genres."

Listen to "CHAMBER" and check out Banshee on TikTok, Spotify and Instagram.

Banshee, "CHAMBER"


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